RANGE ROVER EVOQUE PURE. The british SUV now more affordable

Marc Lavoie October 5, 2012 5

LAND ROVER EVOQUE PURE – Land Rover rolled out the Range Rover Evoque almost a year ago. The small, urban and luxury SUV or CUV, found its place in many people’s garage.  But if you were not among those willing to dash out 50k + for a luxury SUV, Land Rover has got you covered with the Evoque Pure trim.

2013 Range Rover Evoque Pure

A Range Rover is not reserved to the royalty anymore because $41,995 will now get you inside that five-door Evoque in 2013.  If you’re more about the coupe version of the Evoque, a premium of $3,000 will be asked to you. In total, this means the Evoque is now $2,000 cheaper than before and all that, of course, without being cheap. Aside than that, navigation systems and park assist have been improved.


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Would you buy a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Pure for around $42,000?