FERRARI F70. The Next Enzo’s Engine leaked!

Marc Lavoie October 4, 2012 5

FERRARI – You can still see the Ferrari F70‘s carbon monocoque at the Paris Motor Show as we speak. But what we really want to know is how much horsepower the Ferrari F70 has and how much will the Ferrari Enzo successor will cost.

The photo below is a courtesy of Ferrari Magazine, where we have seen what appears to be a V12 with a KERS gas-electric hybrid system that should push around 900 horsepower.

The Ferrari F70 V12 Hybrid engine

This is a similar system that you’ll find on most Ferrari Formula 1 cars. This dismantles the rumors about a twin-turbo V8 or even a V6 that are currently being developped for Maseratis.  The size of the engine means a lot. Amedo Felisa, Ferrari’s CEO, said earlier this week,

That is why we are developing hybrid technology. Hybrid means we can protect the V12.”

More so, turbochargers do not deliver the linear power Ferrari buyers expect from those cars. It would be very dangerous for the brand to put a car on the market with this type of fear.

What will the next Ferrari Enzo's look?


 What do you think about the Ferrari F70′s 900 horsepower?