2014 Lexus IS. The first Official photos leaked!

Marc Lavoie January 10, 2013 1

2014 Lexus IS – We can now see what the LF-CC concept shown in Paris was really about. The all-new 2014 Lexus IS is almost here. The production version of Lexus’ best selling car is months away from its showroom debut and already drawing attention.  You’ll notice that Lexus is shooting for a more aggressive look overall with the new chassis, something they’ve been working on since critics, and buyers, kept saying Lexus vehicles were boring cars.

2014 Lexus IS front grill

The new Lexus IS gets the mean look

Since the LFA, which completed its production run a month ago, Lexus kept moving towards more exciting vehicles trying to engage younger buyers as demographics keep changing.  From the beginning, it will be available in IS250, IS350 and F Sport versions. You’ll notice the LFA’s heritage inside as many components really show where the car got it’s DNA. First will be the sedan version, rumors say coupe and convertible versions of the car are not impossible.

2014 Lexus IS rear view

The 2014 Lexus IS has a longer wheelbase and larger overall. The occupants will benefit from that extra space as the current car’s room is one of its few flaws for American buyers that prefer larger cars.  The F Sport is going to get sport seats, more dynamic bumpers and skirts, bigger and darker wheels and obviously, a higher sticker price. There are no confirmation on a power upgrade yet.

2014 Lexus IS Interior view
2014 Lexus IS side view

Come back next week as more details regarding the next IS will be revealed next week at the 2013 North American Internationnal Auto Show in Detroit.

2014 Lexus IS front view

What I like about the new 2014 Lexus IS

  • A much, much more agressive stance than it’s predecessor
  • The sleek roofline close to the one of a coupé
  • Lexus’ new four-cylinder engine a strong possibility

Lexus IS Updates

What do you like about the next Lexus IS?